Romancing The Tree Hugger
    Linda Louise Rigsbee
Romancing The Tree Hugger
A Clean Romance by
Linda Louise Rigsbee
   Mary Jo Spencer feels trapped. She lives in a house with no electricity or running water with her parents and a teen-aged brother who will forever be eight years old. They are surrounded by wilderness and her father is gone for weeks with their only vehicle. In order to help her family, she needs a paying job, but they are 30 miles from that possibility.
   She finds comfort in the forest and her mules until she meets Barrett Monroe, who is brazen enough to show up uninvited on their land in a vehicle marked "Monroe Lumber Company." It's bad enough that drug dealers have been using their land without permission, but now a timber man?

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Editor’s Review: 

Mary Jo talks and acts like a hillbilly. No surprise there. She lives so far into the backwoods of Arkansas that electricity isn't even an option. Plumbing is another luxury they can't afford, but they make do with an outhouse and a horse watering trough for bathing. As if all that isn't enough, her father is gone most of the time, taking their only car and leaving her to help Ma and her developmentally challenged brother. Down the road a piece, the Hudson boys are dealing in drugs, and they have been using Pa's land to make connections. They have already taken one brother from Mary Jo and now they have commandeered the forest where she once found solitude.
Mary Jo is riding one of her mules one evening when she discovers a car has gone off the road trying to avoid a deer. She is sympathetic until she finds a magnetic sign that was torn from the vehicle. "Monroe LUMBER Company!"

Barrett Monroe has recently lost a leg in a logging accident working for his Uncle. His friend has temporarily hired him to investigate under cover. When he wrecks his uncle's jeep and his cell phone can't find a signal, Mary Jo and her mule rescue him. He has only one way to get back and report his find - on the back of a mule through the wilderness.

Barrett and Mary Jo are comically at war, all the while gaining admiration for each other. A romantic relationship is difficult with so much shrouded in secrecy.

This is yet another clean romance by author Linda Louise Rigsbee that takes place in Arkansas.


Mary Jo Spencer is a tree hugging environmentalist. She is an unabashed hillbilly who lives in the mountain wilderness of Arkansas with her parents and younger developmentally challenged brother. They have no telephone, plumbing or electricity and, while her father is away on a job with the only family car, their only mode of transportation is mule or buggy. Mary Jo wants to get a job and help her family, but she has no money to buy transportation.

Barrett Monroe is an independent young man who has worked his way through college, refusing assistance from his wealthy parents. He is recovering from a logging accident that caused the loss of a leg and a career as a forest ranger. A friend who is a private investigator hires him to pose as a timber man in order to get information on an accident that may have been a murder.

When Barrett runs his jeep off the road, Mary Jo reluctantly rescues the timber man. From the beginning, the two are at odds, yet they are attracted to each other. Are they even compatible?

   Mary Jo wanted to save the forest and the critters in it. Barrett Monroe was a timber man. There was only one way they could find common ground, and that was to join forces fighting the drug dealers who had set up business in Pa's forest.